School Facilities

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The campus occupies 10.2 hectares of land. The modern construction of the building recognizes the importance of environmental friendliness. The senior high school campus, constructed in 2010, has received two top green building awards; the first school to receive such a great honor.  The school campus provides students and staff an energy saving, environmentally enriching learning atmosphere. 




School Libraries

The school owns two libraries.  Each year the school increases the collection of books and works toward building a digital library as a school media and information center.




Academic Buildings

The school has several academic buildings located in all three campuses.  Each of the school buildings is designed to implement educational theories. The elementary campus implements chinses character, “ ping ” to create a common learning areas in the center of classrooms.  The school also has a state-of -the-art auditorium, various specialized classrooms, such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) Robot Maker Center and Greenteal Room to provide appropriate places for various events and scientific research activities .  Students in the high school and IBST go to subject-specialized rooms for classes as it allows teachers to use subject-specific equipment and visual aids to engage students in learning more effectively.

In recent years, the school has installed solar panels on the rooftop of the school buildings as an effort to to demonstrate green energy.




Sports Facilities

The school provides multiple- purpose sport facilities, such as a 400m tracking field, a multiple-purpose gymnasium, and a tennis court.



School Dormitory

The student dormitory provides comfortable and convenient living quarters for senior high school students. 


Public Arts

Public artworks are visible throughout the campus to enrich the campus with a greater aesthetic sense. Among them,   “ Embrace the future ” and “ Giant’s pollen ”, created by famous artists, Chun Chun Lai and Ing Dong Zeng, with appealing and intriguing design carry profound meanings as the menifestation pf the displays symbolize the mission of the school.





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