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Our school is a magnet school located in Southern Taiwan Science Park. It was founded to provide an excellent education for the children of the employees working in the Southern Taiwan Science Park and to establish an educational foundation for the development of the science park and the local community.


In 1997, Nanke Junior High School was established with Dr. Kuang Ming Huang as its director. Mr. Da Yong Guo and Mr. Kun Ho Fang became the first and second principals of the school. In 1998, Nanke Elementary School was founded with Mr. Chang Dao Lu as its director and principal. In April 2006, Mr. Chun Cheng Wang was designated as its director before the two schools were merged. In August 2006, after the high school and the elementary school merged, Dr. Hsu Chang Tai took over as the first principal of the newly formed school. Dr. Kuan Tsai Lin was the second principal of the school. The current school principal is Mr. Wen-Jyh Chyn.


The school has about 2,266 students and 209 staff, and provides 1-12 education, emphasizes the continuity in education from elementary to high school and integration of science park resources for innovative teaching and learning. The school has 12 classes in the senior high department, 21 classes in the junior high department, 42 classes in the elementary department, and 12 classes in the bilingual department.




The school is working on creative teaching methods to become a top international school that establishes a firm foundation in the humanities featuring a magnet program in science. In 2017, the school was awarded the highest honor in school accreditation by Taiwan Ministry of Education.



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