Department Overview

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The school has four academic school departments of different grage levels. The description of each school department is as follows
  • Senior High Department (10-12)
  • Junior High Department (7-9)
  • Elementary Department (1-12)
  • International Bilingual School at Tainan Science Park  (1-12)
Senior High Department
Since the academic year of 2011-2012, the Senior High Department has started to recruit four classes of 30 students. All classrooms are purposely designed to be subject-based to create a more productive learning environment and promote effective instruction. The curriculum design is oriented in the development of students’ multiple intelligence, with the purpose of fostering students’ critical thinking skills and independent research abilities. Every year, students participate in both domestic and international scientific fairs and academic ability competitions, and their achievements have been more than extraordinary.  In compliance with the National 1-12 Compulsory Education Law starting in 2014, the “Humanity and Science Class” was created as a featured program that admitted students through the Special Examination Admissions pathway.  In the academic year of 2018-2019, the school has taken one step further to create another magnet program called “International Science and Mathematics Class”, which features an experiment-and-research-oriented curriculum to shape students into long lasting NNKIEHers of the science park. Fully utilizing the resources available in the Tainan Science Park, the school has not only extended the teaching beyond classroom but also nurtured a research atmosphere in campus by integrating academic research into the curriculum and inviting high-tech experts and scholars to give science seminars on campus. With its eyes on the future, NNKIEH is in the midst of creating a research-oriented school that meets the needs of our students in an ever-changing and competitive world.
Junior High Department
Junior High Department of the school provides the education for children of the parents working in STSP, colleges, or research institutions as well as local children from neighboring townships, Shanhua and Xinshi. Junior High Department provides a well-rounded education with emphasis on creativity and global perspective. Starting in 2013, the department has adopted the “multiple-intelligence development plan”, in which the school forms a team to designs an innovative curriculum for students to explore their interests and develop their full potential.  In recent years, the school has implanted new curriculum standards, developed inquiry-based learning projects and hands-on activities in Science disciplinary area, and introduced AI robotics cross-disciplinary curriculum for students to develop problem solving skills through collaborative working.  In addition, by way of providing various activities for the students to participate, such as performances and exhibitions, competitions, and vocational try-out programs, the school aims to broaden students' learning horizons and to equip students' with capabilities during the middle school years so they will be prepared before they enter the next stage of the 12-year national education.
Elementary Department
The Elementary department is based upon the five-criteria. These fulfill life education goals, and cultivate the students’ higher moral ethics.  In addition, the English learning program, which focuses on students’ listening, speaking, reading and writing abilities, is quite unique. By combining the resources of Science Park and the community, the department has earnestly prepared for science-related and global learning projects. These foster innovative ideas and create an excellent learning atmosphere. In cooperating with the school learning goals, the department hosts International Learning Week or Science Education Month events.
The department puts in great efforts to provide differential cares for students. Parent volunteer groups and the science park resources are utilized to implement life education, moral education, emotional education, and artificial intelligence (AI) education in various ways. The department actively develops various extracurricular activities to enrich students' learning and to cultivate their diverse abilities. The department has won numerous awards from various competitions in music, sports, science and technology, and fine arts, and these great achievements and honors are shared by all teachers and students.
International Bilingual School at Tainan Science Park 
International Bilingual School at Tainan Science Park (IBST) provides the children of overseas scholars and professionals a proper learning environment in order to continue pursuit of their education abroad. The teachers and students come from different countries with a variety of cultural backgrounds. IBST includes first through twelfth grades with a United States based curriculum. The elementary school consists of first through sixth grades which has a curriculum centered on basic knowledge. The seventh to twelfth grades are grouped in the high school, which commonly serves as a preparation for American Universities.   
IBST has been granted a 6-year accreditation from Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) since June 2016.  The school needs to continue self-improvement to meet the WASC accreditation requirement and to provide a better education. For Checl IBST website for more detailed inforamtion. https://www.ibst.org.tw/EN/home

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