Student Activities

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The school organizes various  activites for students to provide well-rounded edcuation.  Snapshots of  school events and activities are as follows,

  • Moral Education: Teacher’s Day activities, Environmental Education – Carbon Reducing Contest, AIDS Prevention Seminar, Mountain Exploring , Self-Challenge Environmental Expedition Camp, Special Report on Green Building Designs by Da- I TV Channel,  Sports Day Creative Marching, Nanke Interact English Camp, Model Student Elections, Winter Charity, Wind Band Concerts.    


  • Extra-Curriculum Activities:

In order to nurture the students’ multi-intelligence and develop their healthy personalities, the school offers about 30 different extra-curriculum activities, such as dancing, pop music¸ ball games, martial art, debate, tennis, wind band, scout, chorus, leadership training club, etc.


  • Special English Courses and English Competitions:

Special English courses (e.g. ESL, Second Foreign Language Courses, MUN) and English competitions are held by the foreign teachers of the Bilingual Department to cultivate the English learning atmosphere and expand their global vision.


  • Sports competitions:

A variety of ball games, track and field events, tug-of-war and water sports  are held during the school’s anniversary celebration to strengthen students’ athletic abilities.


  • Lecture on Science & Green-tech Science Camp:

Lectures on science & green-tech science camp are organized and held every summer to increase the students’ interests in learning science and independent research.

  • Deep Reading Project:

With library activities such as organizing literary talks and inviting experts to talk to students, Library Nights, Creative Decorative Arts provided by Tainan University of the Arts, Reading Hall and Magic Story Plaza, it helps to promote a reading atmosphere within the campus. With reading comment competition and book exhibition, the school promotes reading and research.


  • International Communication:

Students study abroad during summer vacation for international communication in aspects of music, cultures and languages so that they can be equipped with better international vision.

  • Creative Scientific Competition:

Incentive competitions like New Student Science Camp, Yuan T. Lee Science Fair, AI Robotics Design, and International Exhibition of Inventions are hosted to cultivate gifted students in science.




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